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▶️ Recording: September Meet-up

Intermediate lessons, recommended podcast, upcoming course

Hi there,

Thanks to those of you who could join this month’s online meet-up.

We covered:

  1. Quick tour of the new intermediate lessons: You can now access that page here on the member site.

    • Look out for this week’s intermediate lesson on Saturday!

  2. Recommended podcast: Check out Tony Lin’s new podcast, Planet Speakeasy 行星酒馆. That’s now in our listening list on the members site also.

    • Added bonus: Check out this excellent piece in China Heritage for more podcast and Youtube recommendations.

  3. Upcoming course: We’ll be announcing more in the following weeks about this. It’s a week of webinars followed by a 21 day reading challenge. Join the waiting list here.

The second half of these monthly sessions is not recorded, and an opportunity to catch up about anything.

This evening we discussed my recent China trip, and brainstormed ideas on how to continue to improve the member experience of Slow Chinese.

So, lots more in the pipeline!

I hope this recording is helpful and I look forward to seeing some of you next month.

Finally, a warm welcome to those of you who have recently joined. As mentioned at the start of the recording, I’ve been really bad at keeping in touch recently.

If you haven’t heard from me yet I’ll be in touch soon.




Ps - You should have access to the member site linked to above and here. If you don’t please just email and we’ll get it sorted.

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RealTime Mandarin
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