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Member Forum Recording: January 2023

Product updates, community ideas, Q&A


This is the recording of our live session today.

We cover:

  • The meaning of 癸卯年

  • Membership product updates

  • New innovations

  • Q&A

What is your favourite idea?

On new ideas for additions to the membership, which one is your favourite?

  • Offline meet-ups / dinners

  • Accountability partnerships

  • Chinese language meet-ups based around newsletter topics

  • Discord channel

Hit reply to this email or share in the comments:

  • Which is your favourite

  • Why you like it

  • And any ideas you have to make it amazing

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I hope you enjoy your relatively quiet week ahead.

Look out for our Annual Member Update later this week from me with a few thoughts on how things have gone over the last year, and what’s in store in the Year of the Rabbit.

I’m hoping it will be 兔飞猛进!



Ps - If you want more advice on grappling with big Chinese numbers, read this Tweet.

RealTime Mandarin
RealTime Mandarin
Andrew Methven