Join a Community of Mandarin Learning China Watching Enthusiasts!

The RealTime Mandarin+ community is a global network exclusively for paid members.

There are hundreds of members of the community, across five continents, from all walks of life in the China watching world, brought together by a shared passion for learning and speaking Mandarin, enjoying delicious Chinese food, and nerding out about China.

Within the paid community, you’ll find:

  • Online meet-ups, webinars, and quarterly Deep Dive sessions (read more here)

  • Slack channel where you meet and connect with members of the community

  • Substack Chat where we share bonus materials linked to the newsletter

  • Regular real-life meet-ups, drinks, and dinners in cities around the world👇

So, what are you waiting for!?

If you’re not yet a paid subscriber but do want to connect with members of the community in your city, we do extend a small number of invites to non-members to in-person events if there is capacity.